[Dshield] Patches

Darryl Delao DDelao at cttsupport.com
Mon May 13 14:59:31 GMT 2002


I am currently writing some batch files to run updates on my servers and
workstations when users login.  I am using the qchain.exe in conjunction
with gettype.exe.  This allow me to push only those patches that are
specific to the OS.  Even though qchain prevents from having to re boot
until all patches have ran, the patches do display screens where the user
has to hit ok, or reboot later in order for the next patch to run.  I would
like it to where all patches install without any prompts.  Im currently
using -z -m on the files but this doesnt appear to do the job.  Does anyone
know of any other command line syntaxes to use?

Thank you!

Darryl DeLao
Technical Analyst
ddelao at cttsupport.com

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