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Tony Carothers tony.carothers at lifestreamtech.com
Mon May 13 15:48:43 GMT 2002

>From the gotomypc.com site..



Firewall Friendly 
Because the GoToMyPC software on the remote computer initiates an outgoing
connection, the technology works with your existing firewall and does not
require special configuration. Nor does it compromise the integrity of your


Not on my network.  No way.  If, by initiating a connection from the inside,
this doesn't compromise firewall integrity, I'd be curious as to WHAT DOES.
It does not say WHEN it is initiated.  They are very vague as to exactly how
there technology works.

Tony Carothers
Network/Systems Administrator
tcarothers at lifestreamtech.com

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I was just wondering if anyone was aware of this product/service
(www.gotomypc.com).  Apparently it will allow remote PC access from the
internet and doesn't require any kind of FIREWALL reconfiguration.  To me as
a firewall administrator and network administrator this is a huge security
problem.  This would allow anyone on your network without prior permission
to setup their PC so that it can be REMOTE CONTROLLED from the internet.
The only thing that prevented this from happening was SuperScout blocked the
site as a remote proxy.

Any feedback would greatly be appreciated.


Barry Kuske, CCNA, MCSE
Staff Techinical Support Analyst
Fugro Chance Inc.
200 Dulles Drive
Lafayette, LA  70506

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