[Dshield] gotomypc.com

Jim Tagart Jim.Tagart at bellcold.com
Mon May 13 15:51:27 GMT 2002

	>I fully agree that these programs can be very dangerous. I have not
> this particular program yet.
	yikes, this is dangerous, thanks for the heads up Barry.

	>The only way to disrupt this is by blocking access to the servers
> involved. If you are lucky, they do not use just standard web servers
> but something custom and not running on port 80.
	I just checked out the sites docs and it uses normally open ports.
I've seen some servers running telnet servers on port 80 to allow telnet
through firewalls.

	I think I'm going to block access to gotomypc.com this morning.

	>Another way to prevent this is to prevent users from installing
> unauthorized software (Which is hard...)
	The most well intentioned users are sometimes the most dangerous.


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