[Dshield] gotomypc.com

Ewan 98061034 at brookes.ac.uk
Mon May 13 16:25:39 GMT 2002

Tony Carothers wrote:
> It does not say WHEN it is initiated.  They are very vague as to exactly how
> there technology works.

i first learned about this site about a year ago from a sans training
session. at that time there was a little more description on the site as
to how the system worked

from memory, and backed by the implication of the host named
'poll.gotomypc.com', the client software polls one of their servers
every n minutes, (from memory this was quoted as once a minute) their
servers then look to see if a connection request has been initiated
(this happens from within the login section of the site i believe) If a
request exists then some form of relaying* is used to get the screen
image to the remote user.

*yeah thats probably an inacurate term, sorry ;)

i'd be curious to hear from anyone actually using this service as to
what the client actually tries to reach; is it simply the machine at
poll.goto.... or are other hosts / domains involved? if it is only this
domain then blocking it should be easy so long as you know about it, but
logic suggests that they must already have experienced sites blocking
this host, and thus provide other contact points

i also find the following quote from their site questionable:

A: GoToMyPC uses your existing Internet infrastructure, making use of
unused incoming connections and available bandwidth and thereby reducing
any bandwidth resource issues 

it generates traffic, yet reduces resource issues? hmm, ok....


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