[Dshield] Patches

dcm2002@sbcglobal.net dcm2002 at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 14 00:49:25 GMT 2002

Darryl DeLao said:

> I am currently writing some batch files to run updates on my 
> servers and workstations when users login.  I am using the 
> qchain.exe in conjunction with gettype.exe. 
> Im currently using -z -m on the files but this doesnt 
> appear to do the job.
And then asked.
> Does anyone know of any other command line syntaxes to use?

Assuming that you are hotfixing Microsoft stuff and checking at:

I noted a -q switch for "Quiet mode - no user interaction required".
Hopefully that will also work with qchain. Check the other options for
hotfix listed on the site before you do you final tests. 

I hope this helps.

David Mehl
Houston TX  USA
dcmehl at sbc2002.net 

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