[Dshield] RE: gotomypc.com

Ryan J Betz ryanb at maumeepattern.com
Tue May 14 11:24:52 GMT 2002

>From the security whitepaper at


GoToMyPC is firewall friendly. It generates only outgoing HTTP/TCP to ports
80, 443 and/or 8200.
Because most firewalls are already configured to permit outgoing Web
traffic, you don't have to
bypass or compromise your corporate, branch office or teleworker firewall to
implement secure
remote access with GoToMyPC.
Many other solutions require servers to receive incoming packets at a public
IP address. The
GoToMyPC server sends an outgoing HTTP "ping" to the GoToMyPC broker at
regular intervals,
checking to see if any connect requests have been received. This makes
GoToMyPC completely
compatible with application proxy firewalls, dynamic IP addresses, and
network/port address
translation (NAT/PAT). However, companies that need to can control GoToMyPC
traffic by simply
filtering on GoToMyPC broker IP address.


Good concept, but I see how this could cause some serious problems for
people who don't watch http(s) traffic.


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