[Dshield] Re: gotomypc.com part 2

Jim Tagart Jim.Tagart at bellcold.com
Tue May 14 19:07:10 GMT 2002

	>  If anyone's bold enough to do that, it would be greatly
appreciated if the info got passed along.  :)

	Nope, not bold today but found this on their site

	How it works?
	Host computer runs totalrc.exe, a software agent to enable remote
control. Client takes remote control/view of the Host through 	a Web
browser. Gateway provides communications between Host and Client. In order
to provide remote control client opens 	Gateway's URL in the Web Browser.
The default gateway is http://www.totalrc.net. This gateway is free for all

	So blocking the http://www.totalrc.net site should do it. 

	It seems like  there needs to be a list of RC type software enabling
servers and gateways made and maintained that people could use to block all
of the RC programs like gotomypc and totalrc if desired. 

	Like the RBLs for spam, we could start the RBLs for Remote Control
domains, servers and gateways. ?the RcRBL or something? 


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