[Dshield] gotomypc.com

Richard Stead richard.stead at bigpond.com
Wed May 15 11:05:33 GMT 2002

I'm an advocate of limiting the ability of users being able to install non
tested and therefore non authorised software. This is not going to be
acceptable within all organisations; however, it is my opinion that certain
luxuries can no longer be afforded in the business world, this being such a

Tools like this are an unacceptable risk, as is Wireless Networking if it's
done without authorisation i.e. company executives doing it of their own


Richard Stead

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> I was just wondering if anyone was aware of this product/service
> (www.gotomypc.com).  Apparently it will allow remote PC access from the
> internet and doesn't require any kind of FIREWALL reconfiguration.  To me
> a firewall administrator and network administrator this is a huge security
> problem.  This would allow anyone on your network without prior permission
> to setup their PC so that it can be REMOTE CONTROLLED from the internet.
> The only thing that prevented this from happening was SuperScout blocked
> site as a remote proxy.

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