[Dshield] Another remote access program

Samantha Fetter sama at enteract.com
Thu May 16 22:01:51 GMT 2002


I don't recall seeing anyone post about this, so thought I'd add it to the
list of known sites with the remote access type of software.

This one is a bit tougher, and was one of our fears - it goes over https,
so an IDS wouldn't be able to detect it - blocking my.loudpc.com (or the
entire loudpc.com domain) is about all you can do I believe.

Info from the page:
What is LoudPC?
 LoudPC is software you install on your PC that
allows you to access your important information from
any browser.

Access your files, email, contacts, and calendar from
any web browser, wireless PDA or web enabled cell
phone securely.

Be up and running in minutes... 
1) Install LoudPC on your PC

2) Open http://my.loudpc.com from any browser

3) Access your Outlook information and files

YES, It's that simple!


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