[Dshield] Chaincast - Anything on this one?

Tony Carothers tony.carothers at lifestreamtech.com
Fri May 17 17:26:30 GMT 2002

I have a user who has/had this installed on a machine.  I discovered it this
morning, and immediately removed the machine from the network.  I am
concerned about what further problems may have been introduced because of

What I have been able to gather thus far is this...

Chaincasting is a patented technology that allows customers to stream
content at a lower cost by creating dynamic distribution links or "chains"
between users, thereby creating "free streams". This technology enables
consumers with sufficient bandwidth to act as Virtual Multicast Routers
(VMR) - seamlessly sending streams to additional users.


Needless to say, this has made me extremely nervous.  Anything that purports
to be a router of any type on my network gets my hair standing up a bit.  I
have discovered that some radio stations use it to listen to their
broadcasts.  They reduce there bandwidth costs by using ours.  Of course the
user who had this installed has 'absolutely no clue' (which is SOOO true)
about where it could have came from.  In reading what I could on the web and
newsgroups, it is a peer-to-peer streaming multimedia app.  

Now that you've taken a minute to read my ramblings, does anybody have any
experience, thoughts, or input?  I would greatly appreciate any of the


Tony Carothers
Network/Systems Administrator
tcarothers at lifestreamtech.com

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