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John Sage jsage at finchhaven.com
Sun May 19 03:29:45 GMT 2002

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"5) How do I use LoudPC?

>From any HTML or web phone browser:
1) go to my.loudpc.com
2) enter your user name and password
3) now you can access your Outlook email, contacts 
and calendar remotely

For more information on how to use your web enabled 
cell phone click here."


Excuse me?

>From *any* web browser or web-enabled cell phone I can (heh.. if I *had*
Outlook, which I don't..) access all my Outlook stuff?

>From *anywhere*?

So what do they do, periodically suck everything off the host PC that
Outlook is running on and cache it on their system, or do a dynamic
connect back to the Outlook PC when you log in?

Either way, *all* your Outlook stuff is going through them, every time
you use it..

Ah, here we are:

10) Does LoudPC store any of my information?

No, your desktop actually 'serves' the data. LoudPC 
does not store your email, contacts, & calendar 
information anywhere else.

Our servers request information from your PC via 
the LoudPC client. The LoudPC client returns XML data 
which our servers convert to HTML/WML appropriate 
for your display device. Our servers only know about 
your information for the few milliseconds necessary 
to generate a page to send your browser/web phone.

Well! I'll certainly sleep better tonight, for knowing that!

Say, now here's some good news:

11) Will LoudPC work from behind my company's proxy server or firewall?

LoudPC works with almost any network configuration 
(firewalls, proxies, NAT routers, etc.).

So it just drills right through!

And here's a giggle:

18) Does Outlook need to be open for me to access it remotely with LoudPC?

No, Outlook is not required to be open for LoudPC 
to access your emails, contacts or calendar information. 
However the PC being accessed does need to be on and 
connected to the Internet.

Why is it that stuff like this always scares the hell out of me?

Just old fashioned, I guess..

- John
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On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 05:01:51PM -0500, Samantha Fetter wrote:
> Greetings,
> I don't recall seeing anyone post about this, so thought I'd add it to the
> list of known sites with the remote access type of software.
> www.loudpc.com
> This one is a bit tougher, and was one of our fears - it goes over https,
> so an IDS wouldn't be able to detect it - blocking my.loudpc.com (or the
> entire loudpc.com domain) is about all you can do I believe.
> Info from the page:
> --------------------------------------------------------
> What is LoudPC?
>  LoudPC is software you install on your PC that
> allows you to access your important information from
> any browser.
> Access your files, email, contacts, and calendar from
> any web browser, wireless PDA or web enabled cell
> phone securely.
> Be up and running in minutes... 
> 1) Install LoudPC on your PC
> 2) Open http://my.loudpc.com from any browser
> 3) Access your Outlook information and files
> YES, It's that simple!
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Cheers,
> Samantha

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