[Dshield] It must be Monday.

Preston G. Simpson preston.simpson at sfrlaw.com
Mon May 20 16:25:35 GMT 2002

	One of my users grabbed me about an hour ago and reported that his
machine was acting strangely. He was working in Word XP (OS is XP as
well), and random words were being typed in the document he'd been working
on. Salient points:
	1. The stuff being typed was actual words, not total gibberish.
	2. There was no sentence structure and no punctuation. Fragments of
sentences appeared from time to time, usually no more than two or three
words together.
	3. The behavior persisted even with no connection to the outside world.
	4. Norton Antivirus (fully up to date) and Trend Micro's online virus
scan turned up nothing.
	5. The behavior stopped once the machine was restarted.

	The user did not report any unusual email or instant messenger activity.
A friend asked him to go to a website that showed a cup of coffee and
started playing a song, but the user left that website. There were no
obviously out-of-place processes running (visible through the task
manager, that is), and the system seems to be fine now.
	Any ideas?

--Preston G. Simpson
  IS Services
  preston.simpson at sfrlaw.com

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