[Dshield] port 1433

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Tue May 21 11:08:20 GMT 2002

Yeah.  Just looking at my tarpit, I have more MSSQLs caught than HTTPs!  In
fact, I have been hit with over 19,000 probes in the last 24 hours.
Something interesting about this activity:  I have 9 IPs set up in LaBrea,
and the SQL attacks tend to hit all of them in parallel, whereas Nimda/CR
often (not always) only gets stuck on one IP (I did have one Nimda-zombie,
though, whose thread-count rivalled that of fine bedsheets.).  In some
cases, this thing hits each IP with two attack threads.

I don't have a SQL server to sacrifice (yet), but is there some way I can
combine LaBrea and Snort to get additional data (I presume you want actual
packet capture, to look at the payload and ID the attack)?

Ed Truitt
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> Just a quick heads up to the list that I think something
> is brewing with port 1433 (mssql). More later...
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