[Dshield] RE: (Dshield) port 1433

Toney, Mark mtoney at sodexhoUSA.com
Tue May 21 13:21:00 GMT 2002

     All: TrendMicro has issued a security alert regarding MSSQL port 1433 
     scans. It reads, in part:
     "Trend Micro has discovered huge number of connection attempts on port 
     1433 (MSSQL Port).
     The connection attempts look like a hacking attack, at first a MSSQL 
     handshake is transferred, which is not unusual. But afterwards, a
     packet is sent, and this packet is an attempt to 
     login to the MSSQL server, using the account name 
     "sa" and an empty password. This is the default 
     authentication setup for MSSQL installation!"
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     Subject: (Dshield) port 1433
     Author:  "Johannes Ullrich" <SMTP:jullrich at sans.org> at BUFFALO
     Date:    5/20/2002 9:58 PM
     Just a quick heads up to the list that I think something is 
     brewing with port 1433 (mssql). More later...
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