[Dshield] submit firewall logs

Shawn Cox shawn.cox at pcca.com
Thu May 23 16:39:00 GMT 2002

Have you tried Visual Zone?



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> I've been trying for a long time to figure out
> how to submit firewall logs to dshield.
> I have win98se, Opera 6.01 Browser and
> zone alarm pro. What am I supposed to put
> in the subject line?? I have no problem
> with the time zone except where to put it.
> The instructions are for all kind
> of obscure firewall programs such as sonicwall
> and raptor, but nothing about zone alarm.
> Somebody please take the time to post the
> procedure please, I'm sure others have come
> to this roadblock after going thru the sign
> up process.  Thanks.     Mel.
> How to send firewall logs to DShield as email
> Report submissions are accepted via e-mail. The email has to be sent to
'reports at dshield.org'. Please submit at least once a day, if possible, but
no more often than once an hour.
> The subject line of the email should identify the format and the UserID
(if known.) Please use one of the following formats:
> Subject: FORMAT IPCHAINS USERID 12345  TZ -05:00 [Clientname
> Version #]
> Linux 2.2.x Kernel format (ipchains)
> Subject: FORMAT IPTABLES USERID 12345  TZ -05:00 [Clientname Version #]
> Linux 2.4.x Kernel format (iptables)
> Subject: FORMAT SONICWALL USERID 12345  TZ -05:00 [Clientname Version #]
> SonicWall format as created by the SonicWall firewall
> Subject: FORMAT RAPTOR USERID 12345  TZ -05:00 [Clientname Version #]
> Raptor format as created by the Raptor firewall
> Subject: FORMAT DSHIELD USERID 12345  TZ -05:00 [Clientname Version #]
> DShield format
> DShield is the preferred format.
> (12345 is the UserID in this case. Please substitute your own UserID.)
> TZ -05:00 would be for EST (Eastern Standard Time) Please put in your own
time zone.
> Determine your time zone from this list:
> (Optional) ClientName Version # should be the name of the client program
and its version number. This is optional, but, if included, this helps us to
debug any problems. Do not include the [] brace characters--they are to
indicate that this is optional.
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