[Dshield] Off topic tcpdump question - please

Jim Tagart Jim.Tagart at bellcold.com
Fri May 24 20:08:24 GMT 2002

Here's one way...

tcpdump -Rc -s1500 -l 'host myHost' > /tmp/myHostDump.txt &

myHost can be an IP also. This is what I use on DG/UX. Here's another sample
that I used to help diagnose an LPD problem we were having. It just gets
traffic between the 2 hosts on port 515.

tcpdump -Rc -s1500 -l 'host production' and 'host boxingline' and 'port 515'
> /tmp/515-problems-dump.txt &


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> Could a *nix guru of sorts please tell me the correct syntax to use with 
> tcpdump to dump packets from a specific host on the local network to a
> file 
> for parsing? 
> TIA 
> Tim Lamberth
> tim at tllabs.net 
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