[Dshield] Re: Dshield digest, Vol 1 #629 - 15 msgs

Kenneth Williams ken at kwilliams.org
Sat May 25 16:19:25 GMT 2002

If you have a *NIX box at your disposal you can examine the captured packets
or tcpdump / snort captures with a OS fingerprint tool such as p0f .
I happen to like that particular tool which can be had at

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> >From this I determine that most of the servers in this report are
> IIS.  And one Apache.  How would one determine that a server is a Red Hat
> Linux box when 99% of those boxes run Apache.  Apache can also be run on a
> Microsoft OS as well as a couple of others.  How can you determine one
> Linux/Unix server from another to be that specific of the operating
> system????
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