[Dshield] Question on the differant protocols on the SShield lists

Tim Rushing dshield at threenorth.com
Sun May 26 03:01:30 GMT 2002

The two protocols you are most likely to see are 6 (TCP) and 17 (UDP).  You 
may see some 1 (ICMP) but probably not much else.

The numbers come from the numbers in the /etc/protocols file in a 
unix/linux system.  That file contains the protocol name as well as the 
number and frequently a short comment.  If you don't have such a system, a 
quick search online for "/etc/protocols TCP UDP" ought to find some useful 

      ---Tim Rushing

At 08:44 PM 5/25/02 -0400, you wrote:
>I've looked all over the DShield website for the meaning of the differant
>protocols of the logs that I have submitted and have not found a
>of each one. Could someone point me in the right direction where to look.
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