[Dshield] Any ideas?

Russell Washington russ.washington at vaultsentry.com
Tue May 28 18:42:00 GMT 2002

I've seen installs of MSN Messenger kick this stuff off on the Win2K
platform.  Win2K out of the box doesn't seem to get involved in UPNP so far
as I can tell.

I got this from someone who didn't like the fact that their Messenger-ized
Win2K box was blasting UPNP all over the place:

> BTW, the Universal plug-n-play crap from the box was coming from
> Microsoft Messenger. I deleted the "dpnhupnp.dll" file in
> the system32 directory and disabled the bs. I'm running 4.6.0076.

I don't know that I recommend zapping random files, but it was interesting
info nevertheless, and it did get the broadcasts to stop.

I also suspect that the UPNP stuff just does this on its own (rather than
responding to something).  The patterns that I saw looked like they were on
some kind of timer.

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On Friday 24 May 2002 5:25 pm, van Mark Rowlands wrote:


Yup, SSDP is a component of UPnP, but AFAIK Win2k does not participate in
UPnP in a default install (which at least some these are)...


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