[Dshield] prisoner.iana.org & thanks for the tcpdump info!

Tim Lamberth tlamberth at bsafeonline.com
Thu May 30 23:57:43 GMT 2002

Thanks Bob and George - so far I think you are right. I am my SOA for
the private portion of our network however those users that attached via
the VPN never get entered into the DNS, even though I am using DDNS.
When I was doing a dig -x against an IP that I was sure was not
allocated internally the default response was from prisoner.iana.org -
it just didn't click until further investigation with your information
in hand.


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> Subject: [Dshield] prisoner.iana.org & thanks for the tcpdump info!
>Has anyone seen this hostname in any hacks in the past -

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