[Dshield] firewall policy recomendations

Chad Albert chadalbert at mchsi.com
Fri May 31 13:11:30 GMT 2002

By dropping the packets, you are actually generating less traffic.  This
will use less resources, especially bandwidth.  What Kevin is talking about
is that it will take a prober more time to scan you because they will have
to wait for a timeout to occur rather than getting a response back from you
that says "I'm not running anything there"


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> What is the effect on the firewall / network when you tie up a probers
> attack ?
> Some of us don't even have a partial T1 and run on a minimum budget so we
> don't want to waste our resources just to annoy hackers who obviously has
> lot's of time to waste anyway..........
> BTW I'm not flaming Kenneth and his policies, I want to know whether I can
> adopt this sort of policy without affecting my companies "small, but very
> important" network.
> thanks,
> Graham
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> On Wed, 2002-05-29 at 07:01, Chad Albert wrote:
> > I am curious to know what most people on this list think is the best
> > practice when blocking traffic with a firewall.  I see many firewalls
> > drop unwanted TCP packets, many that send a rst packet, some drop
> > UDP, and some send ICMP type 3 (destination unreachable).
> Drop anything you don't expect. That'll tie up a prober waiting for his
> SYN to be ACK'd, slowing down his scans.
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