[Dshield] DShield.py 3.0 released

Andrew Rucker Jones arjones at simultan.dyndns.org
Fri Nov 1 15:03:10 GMT 2002

Good day to all!
	For those of You who have been waiting to download the newest version 
of DShield.py because it was still in beta, wait no longer. After almost 
6 weeks and no bug reports, we have released DShield.py 3.0, which is 
available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/dshieldpy/.
	As a quick refresher, this release includes support for GPG, MySQL, and 
Snort. The parsing is much faster than in 2.0 (but using MySQL slows it 
down again -- we're looking into that for 4.0). Error checking is much 
more thorough. Finally, the SMTP code is much better, allowing for 
things like an encrypted connection to the mail server, and sending mail 
through a server that requires authentication.
	Johannes, since 3.0 is official now, we would appreciate it if You 
would change the description of DShield.py on DShield's site to include 
Snort. Thanks!
	Any comments are welcome, but anything addressed to me needs to be sent 
to me directly. I'm not subscribed to the list. I believe Eelco 
Lempsink, the DShield.py project founder, is.


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