[Dshield] Ping Problems

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Sun Nov 3 22:17:11 GMT 2002

Just *who* is their.ip.add.ress?  Is this an ISP, or a network backbone
provider, or a special service company, or a measuring firm like Netcraft?
Do you control the firewall for the box?  If so, and you don't want them
bothering you, why not simply /dev/null (DROP) the ICMP PING packets?

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Subject: [Dshield] Ping Problems

> Here is my situation, I have this company that does internet performance
> monitoring keep hitting me numerous times throughout the day with pings.
> average four time every 15 minutes from different servers. I have asked
> to stop numerous times, but it still happens. What kind of action can I
> against them. Below is a few days where of data. What do you think, am I
> overreacting?
>             #0-(1-712)        [snort] ICMP PING        2002-10-28 17:25:37
> their.ip.add.ress        my.ip.add.ress        ICMP

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