[Dshield] Is there a good checksum system for OPENBSD?

Erwin Fritz efritz at glja.com
Mon Nov 4 14:12:56 GMT 2002

Look for FCheck. It's a Perl script that does this trick.

John D. wrote:
> I'm looking for a Program that compares md5 file checksums in a file against actual files and reports discrepancies.   A commercial program like "Tripwire" does this,  but isn't there an Open Source program that can do this.
> It would be a good thing to use for files in the /bin directories,  and other places where one would not expect files to be changed,   but would easily identify trojans,  and other changes to executeable files and binaries.
> I suppose it wouldn't be that hard to write this in Python or Perl.   But how long would it take to checksum thousands of files?

Erwin Fritz
Gilbert Laustsen Jung Associates Ltd.

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