[Dshield] Ping Problems

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Mon Nov 4 22:51:28 GMT 2002

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> Actually, this is likely  a "feature" of Internap.  They use these pings
> measure Internet performance, as part of their own service guarantees
and to
> ascertain the best path from Point (a) to Point (b).  I have read
> about this traffic before (maybe not on this list, but somewhere I am

Then the suggestion that the original poster ignore or blackhole
the pings from that source IP makes perfect sense.

And if it really upsets the original poster, he could write a program that
sends replies to pings from that source IP after random (0 to 2 second)
delays.  ;)

Previously I'd only heard of this route performance testing being
triggered by download requests, or by companies planning to offer high
capacity servers for outsourced downloading, and which was done using port
53.  And this was why I thought this sounded like a malfunction.

- Keith

> Cheers,
> Ed Truitt

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