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Andy Stevko andy.stevko at usa.net
Mon Nov 4 23:27:24 GMT 2002

Hi Melvin,
Depending on your email reader, you may be able to identify the contents of
the attachment by looking at the mime encoding headers. 

In Outlook 2002 right click on the message item, click options, look at the
"internet headers" text box.
In other readers & platforms, open the in.mbx (or other .mbx) file with a text
editor will expose the contents of the attachments without actually activating
them up.

As for what they could be, I'm pretty sure these unnamed attachments are
either common PGP sigs or the From: address was spoofed by one of the common
viri in the wild today. Only a look at the headers can tell you for sure.
-- Andy Stevko

melvin smith <Foxtail at emailaccount.com> wrote:
I notice an unnamed attachment in the email
from dshield.
Being conditioned to be leery of email attachments
I hesitate to trust it. Can you tell us what it is?
Is it safe to open it?  Thanks Mel.

Dshield digest, Vol 1 #874 - 7 msgs  
Date:   Fri, 1 Nov 2002 09:00:02 -0800 


Part: 3.7.2

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Part: 4

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