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> Anyone at this moment need to know how important  it is to discuss
> firewall , anti-virus , and a very good email client
> These are some software that nobody can live without
> And the majority don't have it installed yet or even known about
> importance
> Ricardo

As you state, the majority don't have it installed, so your premise
that nobody can live without is obviously false as many are living
(perhaps dangerously in many cases) without it.

Firewall software is only needed if you have some service you want
some people to access and not others.  For example, Windows 98 is
actually fairly secure (more secure then 2000 for sure) out of the box
from *remote* exploit as long as you don't activate any Microsoft file
sharing software (use IPX to Novell servers, or no file sharing).  If
you have no services you want others local to you to access, then
simply stop those services and a firewall is redundant.  A NAT
firewall can often be easier at hiding the services then finding and
stopping them, but is not required for security.  Properly configuring
a standard firewall without NAT can be as difficult for most people as
finding and stopping unneeded services.

The importance of anti-virus software depends on what system you run,
and how you use it.  For example, Solaris or Windows, host or client,
stand alone or network connected, etc...?

A very good email client is open to interpretation.  Good means
feature-rich to many, which translates to feature-exploitable... and
somehow I doubt that is what you meant to imply.

Although there may be some debate about the details as to exactly when
things are required or not... for the most part I am sure you are
preaching to the choir (people who already know the importance of
these things) on this list.  Do you have any suggestions for making it
easier, or getting the word out to those who are not aware of the
importance of these items?

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