[Dshield] Virus identity

Browder, Charles BrowderC at VAB.Alliedtech.com
Wed Nov 6 14:43:36 GMT 2002

Is there somewhere I can send a suspected file to have it checked to see if
it's some new form of virus or a mod of an old virus?  We received emails
from the Univ. of Maryland with a Readme.exe file attached.  It passed
through our Gauntlet firewall and InocuLan desktop virus program no problem.
(emails with executables are sometimes needed in our business so we don't
disable all .exe files) One of our users ran it and I'm not sure if it
infected him or not.  A scan of his system still shows no virus.  The only
anomaly is that his msconfig file has been modified and Outlook shuts down
when he tries to open new mail via the new mail notification.

Chuck B.

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