[Dshield] Virus identity

David Kennedy CISSP david.kennedy at acm.org
Wed Nov 6 22:38:37 GMT 2002

At 09:43 AM 11/6/02 -0500, Browder, Charles wrote:

>Is there somewhere I can send a suspected file to have it checked to see if
>it's some new form of virus or a mod of an old virus? 

>InocuLan desktop virus program no problem.

You're already paying CA to do this for you
   Computer Associates (US)       <virus at cai.com>

Other's (thanks to Nick Fitzgerald for the list):

   Command Software               <virus at commandcom.com>
   Computer Associates (US)       <virus at cai.com>
   Computer Associates (Vet/IPE)  <ipevirus at vet.com.au>
   DialogueScience (Dr.Web)       <Antivir at dials.ru>
   Eset (NOD32)                   <trnka at eset.sk>
   F-Secure Corp.                 <samples at f-secure.com>
   Frisk Software                 <viruslab at complex.is>
   Kaspersky Labs                 <newvirus at avp.ru>
   Network Associates (US)        <virus_research at nai.com>
   Norman (NVC)                   <analysis at norman.no>
   Sophos Plc.                    <support at sophos.com>
   Symantec                       <avsubmit at symantec.com>
   Trend Micro                    <virus_doctor at trendmicro.com>

We'll be happy to take a look at a sample for you as well:
vlab at icsalabs.com


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