[Dshield] friend-greetings is back AGAIN

John Hardin johnh at aproposretail.com
Fri Nov 8 18:37:25 GMT 2002

Everybody add the singular version of the domain names to your block
list as well (e.g. friend-greeting DOT com as well as frieng-greetings
DOT com) - we just had somebody open one like that.

Here's my domain blackhole list now:

cool-download DOT com
cool-download DOT net
cool-downloads DOT com
cool-downloads DOT net
friend-card DOT com
friend-card DOT net
friend-cards DOT com
friend-cards DOT net
friend-greeting DOT com
friend-greeting DOT net
friend-greetings DOT com
friend-greetings DOT net
friendgreeting DOT com
friendgreeting DOT net
friendgreetings DOT com
friendgreetings DOT net
surprisecard DOT net
surprisecards DOT net

Any others we need to add?

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