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In case you haven't caught onto this part yet from reading the various
news articles about this thing, the greeting card software that gets
installed has some other effects beyond spamming everyone in your
address book. It installs marketing and monitoring software as well.

>From http://www.permissionedmedia.com/license.htm

   2. Consent to Receive Ads and Use of Information. By
   downloading, installing or using PerMedia, you agree to
   receive advertisements from Permissioned Media's
   business partners and associates. The ads will be
   interstitials ("pop-up and pop-under ads"), e-mail
   messages and in other formats. As more fully described
   in Permissioned Media's Privacy Statement, when you
   download, install or use PerMedia, Permissioned Media
   gathers personally identifiable information about you
   (such as your name and e-mail address). This
   information is used to select and deliver installation
   files for optional new PerMedia and/or third party
   software applications and to deliver advertisements in
   interstitals, e-mail and other formats to you.

   3. Updates/New Information. Permissioned Media reserves
   the right to add additional features or functions to
   the version of PerMedia you install, or to add new
   applications to PerMedia, at any time. As more fully
   disclosed in our Privacy Statement, PerMedia is
   designed to regularly communicate and provide
   information regarding your Internet use to Permissioned
   Media. Accordingly, Permissioned Media has the right
   and you hereby authorize it to update or automatically
   install a new version of PerMedia on your computer when
   a new version is released to the general public and/or
   when new features are available.


1) you will be bombarded with ads and spam

2) your websurfing activity (and possibly other activity as well) will
be reported to Permissioned Media, Inc.

3) yet more software may be installed on your computer by Permissioned
Media, possibly without your knowledge or consent.

The software can be removed. Instructions are on antivirus vendor
websites and at http://www.permissionedmedia.com/support.htm - basically
you go into add/remove programs and uninstall "WinSrv Reg".

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