[Dshield] FW: Starbucks Wireless Access Points

Tony Carothers tony_carothers at vivato.net
Fri Nov 8 21:48:01 GMT 2002

Wireless security.....  Something I have literally been in to up to my
ears the last few months.  If you haven't had the opportunity to see,
here it is..




I have read much of the feedback on the internet, and since the subject
has now been approached on this list, I will open it up for discussion.
One of the things I enjoy are the thoughts and comments from this list.
Some of the questions that will immediately come to mind if you look at
the links

Is it real? Yes.
Does it work as advertised? Yes.
Is it just an amped up access point? No.  Far from it.

If anybody has a few minutes, and wants to share thoughts and comments,
I'd be really interested in hearing, and sharing what we are doing for
security with our unit(s).

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Is it just me, or does having basically anonymous wireless access at
Starbuck's just seem to be a really bad idea...

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