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Thu Nov 14 14:16:07 GMT 2002

Regarding the other processes you have running, all of the ones listed
in the last post that start with N* or nv* are evidence of an Nvidia
based graphic card in your system. They are all TSR's or startup
programs which do things like manage desktop settings or remember user
preferences such as color management.
Another question you should ask yourself, is "Do I need
netbios/filesharing enabled?" If you map network drives between the
machines and transfer files, then you will need it. If not, disable
Netbios over TCP/IP, and filesharing. 
I agree with Keith, if you want to make sure you are protected use a
packet filtering firewall ion the ICS machine and block ports 135 to
139. Get a cheap router or install Tiny Personal Firewall -
http://www.tinysoftware.com - v2 is free for personal use, v3 is for
purchase only (It allows better config. than ZAPro, although more
difficult to set up - I use both.).

Also, to clear a point in Keith's post, MS has not done away with
Netbios in Win XP, they have done away with NetBEUI (a routing
protocol). They will probably always support Netbios in some fashion for
interoperability with older, and foreign network systems.

Good luck.

Gul Paryani
Internet Resource Specialist

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