[Dshield] Re: chroot BIND

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Thu Nov 14 20:01:12 GMT 2002

>   Doesn't BIND allow you to jail the app on its own/

>   I start it up with the options named -u 'username_to_run_as' -t 
> /directory/to/jail.

But your still need to setup the 'jail' (/directory/to/jail) to
contain all the necessary files, as named will not be able to
access any files outside of the jail. At a minimum, these are the
config files and /dev/null. You will also need the libraries (unless
you compile static) and a couple extra things, like /dev/random for
the secure dns/tsig stuff.

>   Is there some vulnerability I should be aware of with this setup?

no. but it will just not work if the jail is not setup right.

>   thanks in advance
>   Pat Evans
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