[Dshield] OT?: some stuff, a firewall won't catch

Wayne Beckham wbeckham at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 15 19:14:13 GMT 2002

Thanks for the heads up - I've added members.truepath.com to my firewall
block list.

- Wayne

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It's your own fault, if you really go to the site below and try to log
in with your account/password -- you have been warned.

I found the email below in the inbox of my AOL account (yeap - still
that) this morning. I usually would have deleted it right away, but I
was curious about what these spammers try now, to get your time and
money. So -- fire up lynx and go to the referenced page -- well -- after
getting the source and making it readable, it revealed a nice piece of
social engineering. The casual observer might really think, that he logs
in into AOL. And in doing so, his/her account/password gets posted to
some web server in the process. I wonder how many AOL accounts got
compromised ? ...

How do you catch that, except telling everybody over and over, not to
click on links, to trust nobody and that the internet became a bad place
to be?

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Subject: You have an admirer!

Someone has sent you a secret message. <A
HREF=http://members.truepath.com/vegazisfun/>Click here to redeem your
message now!</A>

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