[Dshield] Port 137

Alberto Gonzalez ag-dshield at cerebro.violating.us
Sun Nov 17 20:58:49 GMT 2002

well, you alot of folks out there that scan blindly. Most just use the 
"spray and pray" method. But you also have _too_ many windows
based worms out currently that aren't dying since unpatched boxes will 
always exist, sadly. If your blocking (via fw) then just forget
about it. Kind-of sad for ppl that pay per bandwidth usage.

my 0.02 cents, the other 8 were free!.


    - Albert

Brent Kellogg wrote:

>I also am having 500+ probes per day on UDP Port 137.
>It has disabled web access several times on my broadband connection.
>I am firewalled and have othe rsecurity measures...stealthed etc...
>What gives?
The secret to success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching.

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