[Dshield] port 137 probes

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Mon Nov 18 00:42:22 GMT 2002

Rilya -

Probably not, but anything is possible.

When did your dial-up connection become unstable?

Did you change anything (hardware or software) around that time?  (Maybe a
safeguard you installed is causing problems.)

Is your virus scanner up-to-date?  Have you run a recent virus scan with
the latest signatures?  (An infection could cause your symptoms.)

Who is your ISP and what operating system are you running?

Do you have all the current critical updates to your operating system?  (A
virus scanner can't protect you from missing security updates.)

- Keith

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Subject: [Dshield] port 137 probes

> Help... I've lately been logging hundreds of port 137
> probes a day, which I understand are coming from the
> Tanatos/Bugbear worm.  Of course, I have netbios
> disabled and ports 137-138-139 stealthed, but I'm
> having a terrible time maintaining a usable dialup
> connection; I log on and a few minutes later the
> connection freezes up and I have to redial again, and
> again... Is all this port 137 activity the cause of
> this?  My ISP has no explanation (but what do they
> know...)  If so, what can I do to prevent it?  My
> phone bill is going to be astronomical if this keeps
> up.
> Tnx,
> Rilya1
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