[Dshield] Firewall or other security tool that bites back???

E.B. Dreger eddy+public+spam at noc.everquick.net
Mon Nov 18 17:36:23 GMT 2002

rb> Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 06:33:02 -0800 (PST)
rb> From: rilya byor

rb> I've had it with these port 137 probes--I just logged
rb> 27 in the last 3 minutes, after which my connection
rb> locked up AGAIN.  Does anybody know if there's a
rb> Windows program that can be set up to listen on port
rb> 137 and automatically shoot back???

1. As Bjorn said: bad idea
2. Consider that the source may be spoofed.  Even on TCP, it's
   not difficult with easy-to-predict ISN, which plagues some
   versions of Windows.

Firewall the traffic and be done with it.

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