[Dshield] Firewall or other security tool that bites back???

rilya byor rilya1 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 18 21:45:52 GMT 2002

Actually, I prefer linux but am having trouble getting
my new serial modem to work with it.  The only reason
I have windows at all is because my only source of
income right now is ebay, and i haven't been able to
find a bulk listing program for linux.  So maybe now
you understand why i'm so furious about these probes
messing up my connectivity!
As for "placing myself at the same low level as those
who scan me," as I understand it there's no human
agent behind these probes, just a bunch of
worm-infested machines randomly attacking other
machines without the knowledge or consent of their
owners, rather like rabid dogs on the loose.  Don't
know about you, but if one of my beloved puppies got
rabies and was going around attacking other animals,
I'd be very grateful to whoever had the heart, and the
guts, to put him out of his misery!
--- Bjørn Ruberg <bjorn at ruberg.no> wrote:
> rilya byor <rilya1 at yahoo.com> writes:
> > I've had it with these port 137 probes--I just
> logged
> > 27 in the last 3 minutes, after which my
> connection
> > locked up AGAIN.  Does anybody know if there's a
> > Windows program that can be set up to listen on
> port
> > 137 and automatically shoot back???
> This is indeed a very bad idea. In addition to
> placing yourself
> at the same low level as those who scan you, often
> without knowing
> it themselves, you run the risk of *you* losing your
> internet
> connection because of your response.
> Get yourself a proper firewall instead, by
> installing Linux or
> *BSD on the good ol' 486.
> -- 
> Bjorn
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