[Dshield] Firewall or other security tool that bites back???

Jim Cooke lemmonchipper at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 19 18:19:19 GMT 2002

Took me  months of cussing my ISP before I figured something out with my 
home connection. Fire ants in the cross box. A cross box is the thing close 
to your house that says Phone Company access only. Killed the ants and that 
almost fixed it and did fix my neighbors. Had cross talk and TR bridging via 
Ant based landline net. Set Modem register S10 to 100. That fixed it. S10 
determines how long, in 10ths of a second, before YOU hang up when carrier 
is lost. Carrier is lost often on Voice line modem connections.
Zone Alarm never did give me a fit though. Turned Alerts off when I got it 
the way I liked it.
Wasn't going to send this but what the heck. Sounds like a dumb fix but 
worked for me.
Good luck

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>Subject: RE: [Dshield] Firewall or other security tool that bites back???
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>RE: [Dshield] Firewall or other security tool that bites back???
>It's not the system that was locking up, just the
>connection (ie, when i checked the status, it would
>indicate that I was connected, only there was no
>traffic coming in or going out).................
>Thx for the input,
>I have had exactly the same problem for months
>and months. Always after a format c: reload OS.
>I always cancelled Microsoft Family Logon in
>control panel, networks. This is supposed to close
>the file sharing ports ( according to Steve Gibson )
>I also installed Zone Alarm Pro.
>  As soon as I would log onto the internet I would
>start getting NetBIOS attempts from a machine on the
>same local network I was on. (same IP addy except for
>the last octet). As soon as the Zone Alarm pop-up
>announced a NetBIOS attempt, within ten minutes, the
>machine would freeze up or wouldn't go anywhere even
>though I still had a active hook-up.
>  This continues all day, even though the NetBIOS is
>disabled. I did get a port flooder and shot back a
>nasty message to the cretin but it only angered him
>and he started using multiple ports to attack from.
>  I finally resigned myself to defeat and took down the
>firewall. Now at least I can use the machine to surf
>the internet. A call to the ISP didn't do any good.
>I need a port flooder that will do real damage.
>                       Best to all.   ...Mel.
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