[Dshield] Firewall that bites back??? Addendum

Alberto Gonzalez ag-dshield at cerebro.violating.us
Wed Nov 20 19:50:16 GMT 2002

woa, ISP's have abuse desks? <grin>

Ed Truitt wrote:

>What you are proposing is more in the line of "First, we have a bit of sport
>with it - THEN we kill it".  IMNSHO, it is good, clean fun to mess with
>3133t hAx0r worms and the like through these methods.  In fact, that is
>(sort of) why I like LaBrea - not only can I do my civic duty by slowing
>down these things, but I can also put the current activity live, on a web
>site, for others to look at.  (Never underestimate the power of humiliation
>and ridicule.)  However, if you were to respond to a portscan by launching a
>DDoS attack against the scanner, now that would produce bad karma - and
>possibly an email / call from your ISP's abuse desk.
>Hmmm, that gives me an idea - maybe I will try and set up a "Don't let the
>b*****ds get you down" BoF at SANS SF, where some of us can discuss this.
>Ed Truitt
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> Also, if you send me UCE, I reserve the right to post your spew
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>others may have a good laugh at your expense."

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