[Dshield] Kazaa inquiry to dst port 80?

Josh Ballard Josh at oofle.com
Thu Nov 21 23:57:53 GMT 2002

> Thought this a bit odd. Notice that the destination port on my end is
> TCP:80
> Usually I'd see TCP:1214 on my end.

As per the options in the newest KaZaA client, if it "feels" filtered,
the next thing it does is attempt to run on port 80.  Pretty much KaZaA
is doing a pretty good job of beating most firewalls right now, but I
did say most.  I've even heard from some of the commercial companies
that say they are a couple weeks out of having updates of their software
out to "fix" this.  I've got a semi-standing solution, though I'm in the
middle of research on this.  Hope that helps.

Josh Ballard
oofle.com Security
Josh at oofle.com

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