[Dshield] General security question

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Sun Nov 24 14:50:39 GMT 2002

Don't give them write access to anything on any of your servers or
clients.  Have them use their own computers.

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> I have found people who work for associate companies (i.e. auditors)
> connect to our internal network.
> They are served a valid dhcp address which then allows them to access
> the Internet via a valid proxy server.
> They are then using a piece of software which uses SSL to connect to an
> outside SSL server (similar to a clientless VPN). They are then able to
> transfer files to their machines into our network.
> This does not seem very secure to me but "the business" allows our
> auditors to connect to our network and we do allow our internal users
> http access o the Internet. Since this traffic is all valid, according
> to our network structure (proxy, firewalls, etc), and because the
> traffic is SSL I cannot see what is really happening. Can I take any
> further steps to protect our internal network?

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