[Dshield] Spam Kills!

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Wed Nov 27 22:33:53 GMT 2002

Well, other than the observation that this demonstrates Darwin's theory of
evolution in action, I would say that "greed kills" or "extreme stupidity
kills" not "spam kills".  There are already LOTS of warnings about the
dangers of the Advance Fee Fraud scam
(aka "Nigeria 4-1-9") - heck, even I have several articles pertaining to it
on my own web site!  My guess is that this idiot would have probably fallen
for it, even if EVERY DShield member had spammed everyone on the entire
Internet.  Besides, over 200 people were killed in Nigeria just because a
beauty pageant came to town, and in parts of the country "getting stoned"
isn't a way to enhance your sex life - it is the punishment for having one!

I am opposed to spamming, regardless of the "rightness" of the cause.
DShield should do what it does best, that is being a global distributed
NIDS.  Let the Treasury Dept and Interpol work the AFF scam issue, and the
media (and Those Who Have No Life, like myself) report on it / analyze and
offer up opinions on it.  And, if you get some offer that seems
too-good-to-be-true, it probably is - so don't fall for it!

Ed Truitt
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> There was a story on Fox 5 news last night that was
> truly appalling. This poor idiot from NY fell hook,
> line, and sinker for the Nigerian "estate broker"
> scam. The upshot was that the spammers had him fly to
> Nigeria with $20,000 cash and when he took a taxi from
> the airport to meet with his "associates," they shot
> him right there in the taxi and took the $20K.  Nobody
> has been arrested.
> IMHO, I think it's time for someone--preferably an
> organization like DShield--to generate some "anti-spam
> spam" and send it out to every email addy they can
> collect--especially @aol.com and the like.
> Any opinions?
> Rilya
> "The only difference between a moron and a genius is
> that the latter got lucky."
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