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> This is old news.  The US State Department says that at any given point in
> time there are an average of 10 American in Nigeria looking for their
> money.  For them to disappear isn't unusual.  The Nigerians run the scam
> all over the world, not just in the USA.

It's not just the Nigerians, either.  There have been examples of AFF coming
from several African nations, and some new variants are originating in the
Philippines and other Pac Rim nations. In fact, I have received almost a
half dozen "offers" originating from the Netherlands, and IIRC one that came
from the Montana area.
> I don't see blaming victims of crime for this though.

It isn't a matter of "blaming" them.  However, the initial letter is, to put
it simply, an offer to commit fraud on a MASSIVE scale.  And, if I may say
so, a pretty blatant one, too.  In this type of scam, along with pyramid
schemes (MMF), the person is at the same time a victim and a collaborator,
or active participant, in a criminal act.  When they cross the line, then I
tend to see them as perps, not solely as victims.

> It isn't a sin to be stupid or to see the world through rose colored
> glasses.

No, but it IS illegal to enter a country without the proper papers, and it
IS illegal to attempt to obtain by fraud that which doesn't belong to you.

My own thoughts on these letters can be seen at the following URLs:

http://www.etee2k.net/nigeria_419.html (a pretty straight-forward

http://www.etee2k.net/scc/scc_419_scam.html (this one has LOTS more

> Otherwise all those people who took stock options with .coms, and those
> people who took A++ and MSCE courses in search of 7 figure incomes would
> be dammed too.

I don't know about that, but I was speaking out against the .coms as being
nothing more than glorified Ponzi schemes (you know, where you pay off old
investors with money received from new investors).  However, I think that
comparing working at a .com or taking a class to attempting to steal several
MILLIONS of $s from an impoverished nation is like comparing planting a tree
to dumping used motor oil down a sewer.  Out of the back end of a tanker
truck.  Next to a day care center.  While the kids are out playing.

> - Keith

And, to keep this somewhat on topic, I have noticed that many of these
offers are bounced off of open SMTP relays (so I can get the originating

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