[Dshield] Spam Kills!

*Hobbit* hobbit at avian.org
Fri Nov 29 12:54:07 GMT 2002

Anyone who actually falls for this crap should simply be considered
"evolution in action".  They deserve each other.

However, the fact that their spew lands in *my* mailbox [if sufficiently
deviant from the normal syntactical things that such messages usually
contain to slip past the filters], generally causes a strongly-worded
complaint to the upstream ISP[s] it arrived through, and subsequent
ruleset updates.

It's worth the time to send the complaints to the right places -- most
of the time people just delete the stuff and never complain, so the
upstreams remain fairly unaware that any of it is going on.  Do your
part and *make* them aware of it.


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