[Dshield] Spam Kills!

KeithTarrant@spamcop.net KeithTarrant at spamcop.net
Sat Nov 30 02:14:54 GMT 2002

The criminal mind can find criminality anywhere in everyone.  It is
largely why our prisons are filled with so many people who think they are
they because they have hard luck or are victims of prejudice:  "Everyone
commits crimes, everyone speeds in their car, or yells at their kids, or
takes pens from the office, and I'm no worse than them just because I rob

Actually, when you violate the currency restriction regulations of another
country, so long as you aren't in that country, and so long as your own
country doesn't have its own restriction you aren't breaking the law.

The US State Department and British authorities don't mention foreigners
entering Nigeria without papers or illegally as a part of this scam.
Nigeria does let foreigners in to transact business.  Possibly they have
restrictions on taking a job or starting a business there, but scam
victims aren't doing that.

And I think most people would see escaping massive death duties in a
corrupt regime as stealing from corrupt rulers, as opposed to stealing
from the peasants.  Or helping a family from having its fortune stolen by
corrupt rulers and making an easy buck doing it.

Historically, and this is what older people would remember, currency
restrictions were used by totalitarian regimes to prop themselves up and
delay the consequences of communism or corruption.

I'm not saying that the people who fall for this scam are not poorly
informed or suffering from senile dementia, but let us be clear who the
criminals are.

The criminals are the scam artists and murders.

And this is true for any kind of internet related crime or hacking
involving fraud and/or murder.

That these murderers and con-artists are usually victimizing the elderly
and stupid only makes their crime worse.

- Keith

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