[Dshield] Spam Kills!

Doug doug at dwhite.ws
Sat Nov 30 17:45:49 GMT 2002

It seems that I got on their mailing list around the 1st of July, 2002.  Since
then, I have received 47 (including 5 duplicates) of these "invitations." all at
spamtrap addresses.

Copies may be seen at http://www.clickdoug.com/nigera_scam.htm

If all these were true, there must be on deposit in Nigerian banks, and others
enough US dollars to retire the US national Debt several times over.

This address is filtered through the open relay database at http://www.ordb.org
and is virus scanned by ANTIVIR
mailto:doug at dwhite.ws

| I posted a few at:
| http://www.mrcorp.net/hoaxes.htm
| Mrcorp

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