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Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Tue Oct 1 12:47:02 GMT 2002

Actually, not it isn't.  It just sounds that way, based on the content of
most of the conversations.  Some of us are professionals, some are
hobbyists, some a mixture of both.  Your plan to digest what you have read
is probably the best one around, you can also find other related web sites
and read what they have to say, too.  And, of course, monitor the traffic on
this list, and if something really stumps you, feel free to ask questions.
One thing you might do is search for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions lists)
as these will provide answers to most of the basic questions seen in the
wild - hence their name.  Here is a good place to start:
http://www.dshield.org/primer.html,  also take a look at
http://www.sans.org/newlook/resources/IDFAQ/ID_FAQ.htm .

Hope this helps.

Ed Truitt
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P.S.  Is this list supposed to be for professionals only?

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