[Dshield] Update on GCI

Ellen Clary ellen at dgi.com
Tue Oct 1 16:25:45 GMT 2002

Yesterday, I followed up with the tech who sent me the "ports scans are legal
on our network" (after of course thinking I should just let the matter drop -
but it seemed a decent opportunity for a little education).  I decided to be
nice and just inquire about what do they do when a customer's computer has been
compromised by a virus or a worm (since it's likely a Code Red variant) since
in their AUP it says that one customer may not transmit viruses, worms, and
other compromises [paraphrase]. "Oh, we scan for viruses."  "Ok, that's great
news, but what about worms like Code Red?"

I then got a response from someone on the support team (different person)
saying that he had forwarded it on to the security people.  So it appeared that
it was an (ill-informed?) abuse desk person not immediately passing the message
on.  (Who probably didn't know what Code Red was.)

Ellen Clary
Senior System Administrator
Dynamic Graphics

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